Friday, September 13, 2013

Learning to Stand

I started working PRN at a new facility the summer and because of some technological transitions taking place there I've gotten to go in during daytime 'business' hours as additional help. The best part is that it's right in my back-yard so I've gotten to take the kids to school quite a few times since school started; I'd forgotten how amazing that time between the rush to get ready and off on time and actual "Ok, here we are, have a good day" is...

This morning, as I drove with my oldest daughter next to me in the front passenger seat, she began telling me about a friend of hers, let's call her Lucy, that she felt was being bullied for being friends with a boy who had a "girlfriend." She began to tell me some of the horrible things that were being said to Lucy and told me they made Lucy cry. My only question was a simple one "What did you do?" because, I think it's important to get involved when we see injustice, even if it's just to point it out and call it what it is so that it can't hide.

My oldest child looked at me and said "I told them to back off! That she isn't fat, she is beautiful! I told them that [Lucy] and [the boy] were just friends anyway but why did it matter them one way or another?" Then she said they gave her a funny look and left. A~ paused for a moment and followed it all up with "I think I may have shocked my other friends. They've never seen me have get an attitude with anyone before... Maybe I was too hard on those other girls?"

I smiled my proud-Mommy smile and just said, "Baby, if those girls were being ugly enough to make your friend cry then I think you gave them exactly what they deserved! I think you handled it beautifully!" Then I looked up in my kid-view mirror to the rest of the crew and asked her four younger siblings "What do you guys think?"  

The consensus was unanimous... she handled her first mean-girl intervention well. 

I'm totally blown away by how much confidence and poise she has acquired in just 13 years! Amazing, my gracious one! Simply amazing!  

Saturday, August 3, 2013


I found a lump in my breast yesterday. The world became very scary. So, my way, I confronted the situation head on. I made an appointment at the health department, then set about reinforcing what I knew about breast lumps (cysts versus tumors kind of thing), with some research. Then I laid down to try to sleep a little... The whole time all I wanted was to pick up my phone and tell you about it. I finally laid down to try  to sleep

and shortly found myself safe in your arms... Thank you for finding me! I desperately needed you!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm not great at writing things I feel... but part of me realizes that those things will be as tho they never existed if I don't give them voice somewhere... I'm trying...